Christmas With You

To me, Christmas is one of the most special times of the year!  The magic, the fun, the love, and the joy of giving that Christmas inspires, are the feelings I hoped to capture with this album.  I had so much fun singing some of my favorite holiday tunes.  I am also happy to share the 3 original Christmas songs I wrote for the album.  “Christmas With You” began as a silly tune I serenaded to my hubby!  So his Christmas gift that year was a real song recorded  just for him and of course put on the album!  Not to worry, Jim made his own debut on the CD as well, whistling on the last song of the album, “I Only Want You for Christmas.”  I was inspired to write “Why We’re Here” when reflecting on my family and all the wonderful holiday memories we have shared together.   This song has been a favorite of many people and I really appreciate the generous compliments about it.  I also co-wrote the song, “Sweet Baby Jesus” with fellow musician and songwriter friend, John Smith.  We wanted to give a voice to those who experienced what we only bring to life in our own imaginations–the nativity of the Lord.  I also hope you enjoy my version of “Go Tell It On the Mountain”  It’s one of my most favorite songs to sing!  So enjoy the tree-trimming music from me and have a merry one!  –  Jamie