33-Year Fr. Rother Anniversary Mass

Once again we celebrated the life and heroic death of Fr. Stanley Rother at Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Okarche.  This year marked the 33rd anniversary of his death.  The mass was celebrated by Archbishop Coakley and he had wonderful news to tell!  During his homily, he presented the finished book, the “Positio”, written in defense of Fr. Rother’s cause.  He also read the letter he wrote stating why Fr. Rother should be declared a martyr that will be presented to the congregation for the causes of saints at the Vatican.  This was a beautiful letter!  He will present the letter and Positio September 3, 2014 at the Vatican!  Continue to pray for the cause!  It was a beautiful mass and so special to see familiar faces once again!  It was a very moving experience to witness this book being raised by the Archbishop and hearing his letter. Here’s more information from an article in the Sooner Catholic.

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