30th Anniversary Celebration

What an absolutely blessed event!  Words cannot describe being a part of such a beautiful event to honor the life of Fr. Stanley Rother after his murder thirty years ago.  His family, as well as, many other special guests came to celebrate his life in a wonderful dinner and presentation in his honor.  Fr. Sam, parish priest of Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Okarche, OK put on the event.  In the picture, Fr. Sam is reading a statement issued from the state of Oklahoma meriting Fr. Rother’s life and actions as heroic.  Fr. Sam also served as the evening’s emcee – and he has quite the voice too! A singing voice that is – fabulous!  Pictures are of myself with Fr. Sam, with Sr. Marita Rother and Tom Rother (Fr. Stan’s sister and brother) and me singing “The Shepherd Cannot Run”.  Please remember to continue to pray for Fr. Rother’s canonization.

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